KIASTE! Kia-Ora Namaste (traditional greetings in both New Zealand and India).

We are a small family run business. Half of us are based in Bangalore, India and the other half in Auckland, New Zealand.

After having children we were constantly looking for natural products to clean our homes, our children, our clothes and ourselves. Also, being busy working professionals, once our children started eating solid food, the desire to keep things natural and simple, yet quick and available, led to us looking for eco-friendly products to store homemade food. There are several of these products in the market but finding the ones we felt were the best, took a few years. While readily available in New Zealand, we felt there was a gap in the Indian market with similar quality products. Hence, Kiaste India was born.


Kai Carrier Reusable Food Pouches – Available Now in India!
Award winning in New Zealand – Kai (food in Maori) Carriers are reusable food pouches that can be filled with homemade food so you know exactly what you and your children are eating whilst minimising the mess. Our pouches allow you to make nutritious food free of additives, preservatives and excess sugar and serve it in a convenient way, anywhere, anytime. They are available as follows:
140 ml
300 ml
600 ml – on request
800 ml – on request
Snack Packs
Sandwich Bags

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Natural Clean New Zealand made home cleaning products
Washing Machine Powder
Washing Machine Liquid
Fabric Softener
Multi Purpose Cleaner

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These are products we have enjoyed using and hope you enjoy them too. Our aim is to bring a little bit of New Zealand to India – helping you live a little more clean, green and happy.